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Gallery 8 is the first private gallery in Bulgaria.

Gallery 8 was opened on 18 of June 1988 at 18.00 with an exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures made by famous Bulgarian artists from three generations. The participants in the first exhibition were Stojan Tzanev, Stoimen Stoilov, Vanko Ouroumov, Angel Stanev, Ivan Slavov, Ivan Roussev, Emil Popov, Aliosha Kafedzhiyski, Ivan Kirkov, Dimitar Kirov, Veselin Nachev, Svetlin Roussev, Georgi Bozhilov, Maria Zafirkova and Miko Bozhkov.

In the past years the circle of artists has increased up to 140. Artists from Poland, Russia, Holland, Japan and Ukraine have also exposed their works in the gallery. Since 1994 Art Photography can be seen in Gallery 8 as well. The Gallery 8 shows its collections in Vienna - Lechar gallery, in Sofia -Art 36 gallery, in the “Summer saloon of private galleries”, in Plovdiv in the “First art fair for private galleries”, in "August in art" festival in Varna etc.

Gallery 8
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Contact: Boris Statelov